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Book Of Saladin

RRP $17.99

The Book of Saladin is the fictional memoir of Saladin, the Kurdish liberator of Jerusalem, as dictated to a Jewish scribe, Ibn Yakub. Saladin grants Ibn Yakub permission to talk to his wife and retainers so that he might present a full portrait in the Sultan's memoirs. A series of interconnected stories follows, tales brimming over with warmth, earthy humor and passions in which ideals clash with realities and dreams are confounded by desires.

At the heart of the novel is an affecting love affair between the Sultan's favored wife, Jamila, and the beautiful Halina, a later addition to the harem. The novel charts the rise of Saladin as Sultan of Egypt and Syria and follows him as he prepares, in alliance with his Jewish and Christian subjects, to take Jerusalem back from the Crusaders. This is a medieval story, but much of it will be uncannily familiar to those who follow events in contemporary Cairo, Damascus, and Baghdad. Betrayed hopes, disillusioned soldiers and unrealistic alliances form the backdrop to The Book of Saladin.

The New Russian Book

RRP $299.99

This book takes up the obtrusive problem of visual representation of fiction in contemporary Russian book design. By analyzing a broad variety of book covers, the study offers an absolutely unique material that illustrates a radically changing notion of literature in the transformation of Soviet print culture to a post-Soviet book market. It delivers a profound and critical exploration of Russian visual imaginary of classic, popular, and contemporary prose. Among all the carelessly bungled covers of mass-published post-Soviet series the study identifies gems from experimental designers. By taking a comparative approach to the clash of two formerly separate book cultures, the Western and the Soviet, that results both in a mixture of highbrow and lowbrow forms and in ideological re-interpretations of the literary works, this book contributes to opening an East-West dialogue between the fields of Russian studies, contemporary book and media history, art, design, and visual studies. <

The Handwritten Book

RRP $18.99

John, Conan, and Alex, all age 10, create a broomstick from instructions in the handwritten book they get from an elderly fortuneteller at a Maedieval Faire near Manchester, England. She sees them flying a broomstick in her crystal ball and insists the book must be theirs, much to the dismay of her brother, Marco. Marco dogs the boys, attempting to retrieve the book, which contains secret after secret about magic, but the boys elude him and construct their flying broomstick. The key to getting the broomstick to work is to place it atop the highest tower at Castle Alox at midnight during the full moon. The broomstick must be covered with goat entrails and a dead snake, and lightning must strike the tower at midnight. But where is Castle Alox? Will they get away from the evil Marco? This book tells all! A little background: The books in my fantasy series, called The Story of the Great American Flying Broomstick (available on Kindle), make frequent reference to a series of books--and the resulting movies--called Three on a Broomstick. The idea is that the hero of the American Flying Broomstick books is motivated and inspired by the eight young-adult books and movies in the Three on a Broomstick series. Its putative author, Alec Pringle, writes one of these books every year, detailing the adventures of John, Conan, and Alex, who possess a flying broomstick and use it for wondrous and magical adventures. The boys create their broomstick following instructions in a handwritten book given to them by an old fortune teller. And the Three on a Broomstick books are turned into movies by the fictional High Summit Motion Pictures. You can learn all about it in the American Flying Broomstick series. The Three on a Broomstick series was not intended to exist in reality-it was only a literary device. That is...until now. This is the first book in the Three on a Broomstick series, The Handwritten Book. Yes, there is a book within this book. And since this book is within the American Flying Broomstick series, the old, handwritten book is a book within a book within a book. And it's full of magic."

Treetops Fiction Level 11a Janey's Giants

RRP $21.99

In Janey's Giants the cricket team led by Fast Freddie, Freddie's Frighteners, sound like a difficult team to beat. They are big and strong. Derek and Janey have a team of small children, and they have Brian...TreeTops Fiction contains a wide range of quality stories enabling children to explore and develop their own reading tastes and interests. It contains stories from a variety of genres including humour, sci-fi, adventure, mystery and historical fiction. These exciting stories are ideal for introducing children to a wide selection of authors and illustrators. There is huge variety to ensure every reader finds books they will enjoy and can read. Books contain inside cover notes to support children in their reading. Help with children's reading development also available at The books are finely levelled, making it easy to match every child to the right book.

Handbook Of Medicinal Mints ( Aromathematics)

RRP $411.99

This handbook provides the most complete collection of chemical data available on aromatic mints (Lamiaceae). The authors thoroughly introduce the field of aromathematics. Handbook of Medicinal Mints (Aromatics): Phytochemicals and Biological Activities contains a wealth of quantitative data, including more than 500 references on 10,839 chemicals from 251 assays of 205 unique taxa, combined with 3,324 biological activities and 256 recommended daily allowances and lethal doses. An exhaustive guide, the handbook is the ultimate resource for assessing the potential medicinal value of a particular species.


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