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Handbook Of Statistical Distributions With Applications

RRP $259.99

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Easy-to-Use Reference and Software for Statistical Modeling and Testing Handbook of Statistical Distributions with Applications, Second Edition provides quick access to common and specialized probability distributions for modeling practical problems and performing statistical calculations. Along with many new examples and results, this edition includes both the author's StatCalc software and R codes to accurately and easily carry out computations. New to the Second Edition * Major changes in binomial, Poisson, normal, gamma, Weibull, exponential, logistic, Laplace, and Pareto distributions * Updated statistical tests and intervals based on recent publications in statistical journals * Enhanced PC calculator StatCalc with electronic help manuals * R functions for cases where StatCalc is not applicable, with the codes available online This highly praised handbook integrates popular probability distribution models, formulas, applications, and software to help you compute a variety of statistical intervals. It covers probability and percentiles, algorithms for random number generation, hypothesis tests, confidence intervals, tolerance intervals, prediction intervals, sample size determination, and much more.

Discovering Geography (lower Primary Nonfiction Topic Book)

RRP $7.99

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What Is a Map? Maps are pictures of places. They help us find things. Explore this book to find out about maps. How many maps can you use?

Key concepts: Simple map representations, place, space   
AC Content Descriptions: The representation of the location of places and their features on maps and a globe.   

Discovering Geography helps you explore and understand our world. Discovering Geography is a comprehensive, three-level resource that assists with the implementation, lesson planning and on-going teaching of the Australian Curriculum: Geography F-6.

This book is classified as Reading Level 3 / Fountas and Pinnell Level C. Visit our Levelled readers page for further information on reading levels.

Legislative Drafter's Deskbook

RRP $29.99

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The "Legislative Drafter's Deskbook" offers practical advice and insight for those engaged in legislative drafting, those more interested in policy than drafting itself, or those interested in reading and interpreting the law. This book explains why laws are drafted the way they are.

Legislative drafting is - to the extent it is writing at all - the form of writing used for legislative measures, a category that covers original bills and resolutions as well as amendments. Ultimately, legislative drafting is the form of writing used for enacted law. The focus of this book is on legislative drafting for the Congress of the United States, but many, if not most, of the principles described here apply just as well to drafting for other legislatures.

As forms of writing go, drafting is not freewheeling like poetry, nor showy like rhetoric, nor personal like a novel. Drafting is disciplined, rigorous, and analytical. Done well, drafting can also be creative, elegant, and clever. (Unfortunately, drafting is not always done well.)

The purpose of this book is to provide practical advice on drafting to anyone who does, or may, engage in drafting, and indirectly to provide insight into the drafting process to other interested people. For example, this book is for people who are more interested in policy than in drafting, but want to understand why drafters operate the way they do. It is also for people who are more interested in reading and interpreting the law than in drafting, but want to understand why laws are drafted the way they are. It is hoped that this book will be accessible to beginners while remaining valuable to veterans.

The traditional method of training drafters is to train them on the job; the consensus is that drafting is best learned holistically, on a case-by-case basis. For that reason this book is best used as a resource, not a course. It is a supplement to, not a substitute for, the learning that comes from experience.

The author designed this book to answer the variety of questions about drafting that arise daily in the work of individuals with a professional interest in how bills, resolutions, and laws are drafted. The approach used here is pragmatic: You will find no linguistic theories or esoteric conundrums discussed here. What you will find is solid advice for everyday drafting projects.

"A masterful work. It is comprehensive and exceptionally well written. It is an essential tool for anyone who drafts legislation or interprets the law."
-- William K. Suter, Clerk of the United States Supreme Court

"An essential and indispensable book, both as a reference work and as a thorough introduction to Federal legislative drafting."
-- Frank Burk, Legislative Counsel of the United States Senate 1991-1998

"The succinct and thorough assessment of good legislative drafting techniques provides a set of 'best practices' for drafters at all levels of government."
-- Elizabeth Garrett, Sydney M. Irmas Professor of Public Interest Law, University of Southern California

"State legislative drafters will also greatly appreciate this work."
-- Bruce Feustel, Senior Fellow, NCSL

Summary of Contents
1. Being a Drafter
2. Understanding How Laws Are Made
3. Considering the Courts: Statutory Interpretation
4. Thinking Through the Policy
5. Choosing the Right Measure
6. Writing Effectively
7. Organizing and Arranging
8. Using the Right Style
9. Affecting and Amending Other Laws
10. Working in, and Working with, the Executive Branch
Back of the Book
Table of Cases
Table of Constitutional Provisions
Table of Statutes at Large
Table of Public Laws
Table of U.S. Code Sections

Complete Table of Contents online at

Star Trek Online : The Needs Of Many

RRP $20.99

Click on the Google Preview image above to read some pages of this book!

Prior to the terror-filled times of the Long War -- the seemingly endless struggle against the Undine, a paranoid, shapeshifting race once known only as Species 8472 -- enemy sleeper agents quietly penetrated every echelon of Federation society, as well as other starfaring civilizations throughout the Alpha and Beta quadrants. The ensuing conflict shook humanity to is very core, often pitting its highest ideals against a pure survival instinct. All too often the Undine War demanded the harshest of sacrifices and exacted the steepest of personal costs.

Drawn from his exhaustive research and interviews, The Needs of the Many delivers a glimpse of Betar Prize-winning author Jake Sisko's comprehensive 'living history' of ths tumultuous era. With collaborator Michael A. Martin, Sisko illuminates an often poorly-understood time, an age marked equally by fear and by courage.

About The Author

Michael A. Martin's solo short fiction has appeared in The Magazine of Fantasy & Science Fiction. He has also coauthored (with Andy Mangels) several Star Trek comics for Marvel and Wildstorm and numerous Star Trek novels and eBooks, including the USA Today bestseller Titan: Book One: Taking Wing; Titan: Book Two: The Red King; the Sy Fy Genre Award-winning Star Trek: Worlds of Deep Space 9 Book Two: Trill -- Unjoined; Star Trek: The Lost Era 2298 -- The Sundered; Star Trek: Deep Space 9 Mission: Gamma: Vol. Three: Cathedral; Star Trek: The Next Generation: Section 31 -- Rogue; Star Trek: Starfleet Corps of Engineers #30 and #31 ("Ishtar Rising" Books 1 and 2); stories in the Prophecy and Change, Tales of the Dominion War, and Tales from the Captain's Table anthologies; and three novels based on the Roswell television series. His most recent novels include Enterprise: The Romulan War and Star Trek Online: The Needs of the Many.

His work has also been published by Atlas Editions (in their Star Trek Universe subscription card series), Star Trek Monthly, Dreamwatch, Grolier Books, Visible Ink Press, The Oregonian, and Gareth Stevens, Inc., for whom he has penned several World Almanac Library of the States nonfiction books for young readers. He lives with his wife, Jenny, and their two sons in Portland, Oregon.

The Sweary Insult Colouring Book

RRP $16.99

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40 of the funniest sweariest insults all ready for you to colour. Relieve your frustrations colouring these hand drawn images, there's something for all colouring abilities. Colour them and give them to the person who pissed you off, of just chuckle to yourself as you colour with a certain somebody in mind!


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